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Beyond Valentine’s Day

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Fred Gansky (Click on authors name for bio)

Posted: Tuesday, February 15th 2011

Is it my imagination, or has Valentine’s Day lost its luster? Perhaps, it’s the economy, but I have just not seen very much hoopla this year. Maybe, because it fell on Monday, it killed a lot of promotions that normally would have taken place. I know that the flower industry needed a break. Rose sales have been down three successive Valentine’s Days.

There were lots of parties last weekend all over southern California at clubs, restaurants, hotels and private homes. But again, I didn’t hear very much about any one event or party standing out. Most people seemed content to wait until the last minute to make their plans, and a lot of them stayed pretty local. This is generally true of most singles, but this past weekend was worse than normal. Early presales for the event that we sponsored with the No Waiting Dating group Saturday night at the Woodland Hills Hilton were slower than normal. Only 45 spots were paid for by late Saturday afternoon. But, 85 people ended up walking up to the event bringing our total to 130. 

It seems to me that lots of women were waiting until the last minute to see if they might be asked out for the night. And, a great many guys were considering all of their options until the last second. When the dates didn’t materialize and a better party didn’t stick out, many made their way to the Hilton.

We think we had one of the more attractive and dynamic party going groups around. It was a very festive night. We wanted to give a special thanks to The Side Tracks group for keeping the dance floor full with their wide assortment of dance numbers. And, we wanted to give another thank you to the organizations that helped bring people to the event: No Waiting Dating, Dr. Dan’s Group, Catch Matchmaking, dating coach Marni Battista, LA Single Boomers, LA Baby Boomers, LA Smart Singles, Cruises by Marsky, Super Single Mixers, and dating coach Bobbi Palmer, who was on hand to dispense some sage advice. There is no doubt that this wide assortment of different groups contributed to the diversity of people and ultimate success of the event.

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Home > News > Social Activities > Beyond Valentine’s Day

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