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Skin: Our Interface II

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Dr. Kathleen Ferrick Rosenblatt (Click on authors name for bio)

Posted: Thursday, July 8th 2010

Our skin is our largest and most exposed elimination organ. We use it to detoxify through excretions, sweat, and our sloughing off of old dead skin.

As mentioned in the last article on Skin, this dermal covering is alive with intelligence and processes. It is the threshold between the inner and outer, and affects us in both directions. Just as the cell’s outer membrane is the real computer in each of our trillion cells, so the skin contains energy pathways that modulate many functions in the body.

We now know that the body, just like planet Earth, is comprised of electrical wiring and magnetic fields of energy. The bio-electric conduits run all through the body, connecting the major organs with each other and then to the surface of the body. Each meridian, named after a major organ, runs along the surface, making the skin act as a computer keyboard for the body. An acupuncturist can manipulate the acupuncture energy pathways. Certain points have specific effects, such as one that acts to pull excess heat out of heartburn by sending it to warm up a cold, flaccid intestine. So the excesses can be used to aid the deficiencies. This is the very essence of the breakthrough brilliance of Acupuncture. One organ’s waste is another organ’s food.

As we all know, heat rises—in a building and likewise, in the body. So our head is often too hot! This can result in headaches, a red face, tight neck and shoulder muscles, and a face with a clenched jaw, furrows and contracted muscles. Cold water splashed on the face throughout the day does wonders to cool us, relax the facial muscles, and stimulate the brain. You can feel an instant relaxation of the brow and all the muscles of the face. It is as if the worries were etched in our muscles, and now they fall away. It is a small price to pay if we have to freshen up our make-up as a result. The years that are taken off the face by that little facial shower more than make up for the inconvenience. If done regularly we start to maintain a face that STAYS relaxed.

At night before retiring, try massaging fingertip splashes of water into the scalp. It feels wonderful, cools our head, and often causes goose bumps, especially at the occiput near the back hairline and down the neck. This shiver effect indicates just how much stress and tension reside in the thin muscle sheath that covers the head. It is good to remember that most headaches actually occur in this muscle sheet that is as thick as a piece of paper. So thin, and yet so active in its sensitivities as it responds to our movements, our stresses, and the strain of carrying this twelve pound bowling ball, the head. By massaging the scalp dry or with a little water, we are using the skin to transfer the relaxing touch of our fingertips deep into the muscles and nerves that connect to the whole body.

Do you ever notice the lift you get just from brushing or flossing your teeth? Pay more attention next time to how it brightens up your brain a little. Again you are stimulating your surface flesh (gums) and even each tooth relates to a specific organ in the body. Try massaging your ears with your bath towel in the morning for a good tonic to your system. The ears are a microcosm for the entire body. Try to loosen the ears each day until they are more flexible. This will affect your overall health. Again we are using our surface to give feedback to the interior. 

Kathleen Ferrick Rosenblatt, L.Ac., Ph.D. 310-470-4557 DrKathleen90077@gmail.com,   www.AcupunctureBelair.net
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Home > News > Health & Fitness > Skin: Our Interface II

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