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How to Prepare For A Date

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Carlos Xuma (Click on authors name for bio)

Posted: Tuesday, June 5th 2012

You did it! You asked that cute girl on your volleyball team over to your place for a drink after the game Friday night and miracle of miracles, she said yes.

Now what?

Well, your apartment or your house is essentially an extension of your personality, so you better treat it that way. It might be the most accurate indicator of what you are all about and a woman is going to be looking at it that way. It’s going to give her some type of message about you, so make sure it’s a good one. You better know how to prepare for a date.

For instance, if she shows up and it is a pigsty with dirty dishes in the sink and a filthy bathroom, then she’s going to assume that you’re not willing to work too much for her approval. Strike out. Or maybe you’ve decorated your bedroom with posters of girls in lingerie or bathing suits and have a display of your favorite Star Wars figurines. She’s going to think you are immature. Strike out. Or maybe you have dead plants and stacks of old newspapers threatening to land you on the next episode of a TV show about hoarders. Strike out.

Read these tips on how to prepare for a date and make sure you follow them to a “T” and you won’t strike out, but might even hit a home run.
How to Prepare For A Date Tips:

1. Housekeeping 101. Make sure your house is not only clean, but also organized. Here are areas to examine:

* Clothes picked up and put away
* Bathroom clean, concentrate most on toilet and sink

* Dust and get rid of cobwebs

* Pick up all trash and toss

* Get rid of anything spoiled in the refrigerator

* Make sure your pad doesn’t smell bad

* Pick up any pet mess or fur

* Hide stacks of crap, such as papers

* Make sure you have clean sheets on your bed and clean towels in the bathroom

* Fix anything broken, such as lights, windows, holes in walls, etc.

2. Set the mood.

* Control the lighting and make it romantic by using candles and putting the lights in your bedroom and living room on dimmers.

* Have a condom within reaching distance of your bed (but discretely tucked away).

* Sniff out any signs of other women, be it photos or phone numbers, and put them away.

* Stash the porn.

* Put out a picture of your family.

* Stock up on something alcoholic to drink, such as wine and beer (so she has a choice)

* Purchase something sensual to eat such as chocolate or fruit or both (chocolate covered strawberries, for instance.)

* Have some good mood music ready to play at the touch of a fingertip.

3. Date Night Rules. Review these rules before she arrives so you have them memorized.

* Whatever you do, don’t answer your phone while she’s there. Instead, flatter her by ignoring it and saying you are concentrating on her alone right now.

* If you have an answering machine mute it. You don’t want her to hear some other woman calling or your mother calling to scold you for missing Sunday dinner.

* Pick up some eggs and bacon in case she stays over so you can give her a proper send off in the morning.

Carlos Xuma

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Home > News > Personal Presentation > How to Prepare For A Date

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